Eliminate urine smell easy with
BIOZYME  ...Just spray and walk away.

Safe, easy to use, non-toxic, and Guaranteed! In every gallon
there are 255 Billion  industrial strength enzymes to do all of
the odor removing in one easy step. Just spray it on the
affected surface and let the enzymes go to work.

Removes odors such as urine, cat/skunk spray, poop, and
vomit, from washable fabrics, mattresses, porous hard
surfaces (like concrete) and carpets. Simply spray on and
allow the BIOZYME to follow the same path as the
original odor causing substance.  

Odor Is GONE!

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

Uses for BIOZYME:

  • Dog, Cat, Human, Rodent urine/ poop odor remover
  • Cat spray neutralizer
  • Skunk spray neutralizer
  • Removing urine odors from Mattresses
  • Vehicle Interiors
  • Stinky kitchen drains
  • Furniture (sofa, chairs, bean bags, etc.)
  • All types of organic household stains* & odors
  • Getting cat/dog urine odor out of concrete
  • Kennels, stable and yard odors
  • Veterinary clinics and animal shelters
  • Day Care Centers
  • Elderly or disabled people that may have incontinence

Stains that have not set

Lets look at the Facts:

All human and animal waste is comprised of PROTEIN and
other organic substances.

ODOR: When your pet urinates, he/she leaves proteins (food)
for odor-causing bacteria.

ORGANIC STAINS: The protein solids that your pet leaves
behind, though microscopic, are magnets for soil to cling to.
So you clean and think you have gotten it all....only to watch
it return soon after. You need to REMOVE the proteins - the
very CAUSE of the stain.

BIOZYME is unique because it contains billions of hungry
enzymes that actually CONSUME these odor causing proteins.

All Enzymes Cleaners Are Not Alike!

You can buy inexpensive "enzyme based cleaners" in the pet
store that contain alcohol and solvents. Why try BIOZYME?

It's simple: BIOZYME contains COMMERCIAL GRADE
enzyme. This is NOT the watered-down pet store product
you may be familiar with. BIOZYME contains 255 billion of
the highest quality industrial strength microorganisms per
gallon - more than you'll find in a consumer product in retail
stores. You'll see the difference IMMEDIATELY!

Important: Enzymes are LIVING ORGANISMS. They cannot
be bottled with deadly, toxic chemicals and solutions or they
are rendered ineffective.

Low Cost-Per-Use

  • Most Effective

  • Safe, Non-Toxic

  • Earth-Friendly

  • Easy, ONE STEP process!

  • Guaranteed


Other pet odor removal products cannot compare!

You’ll love BIOZYME because it’s effective and easy use
No irritating fumes, Pleasant fragrance, Simple to apply
Just spray it on, and let it dry. It's that simple!

Did You Know?

The odor that you find so offensive is actually the by-product
of the odor-causing bacteria feeding on the proteins that pets
stains are made of. This is why other products fail: They kill
the odor-causing bacteria just fine, but the FOOD SOURCE
remains. After you clean the stain, new odor-causing bacteria
return to create the odor all over again. This is why you see
stains and odors "return" after you thought they were gone.
Remove the protein - remove the food for the bacteria.

This non-toxic product works safely on all surfaces:
mattresses, upholstery, leather, carpets, drapes, floors (wood,
cement, tile), walls, kennels, etc.

What's In It?

BIOZYME contains billions of HUNGRY LIVE ENZYMES
who love to feed on organic, protein-based substances like
urine and fecal matter which is the favorite food of odor-
causing bacteria. It was developed to actually consume natural
organic wastes (urine, feces) from washable fabrics,
mattresses, porous hard surfaces (like concrete) and carpets,
leaving nothing behind. Simply pour or spray on, and allow it
to follow the same path as the waste did originally.

Stain... Odor... GONE!

Instructions For Use: Simply spray BIOZYME liberally over
stain or odor-source area. Allow to dry throughly. If stain or
odor persists, repeat treatment.

DANGER! Check the label on other products!

Be aware of what chemicals many other pet odor products are
using. You should keep them away from your family and your

FACT: Almost all other pet odor removing products contain
chemicals that are harmful to your pet, furniture and children.
Check your label for the following ingredients:

IPA or Isopropyl Alcohol – (Denatured alcohol is poison)
Solvents Turpines (orange, pine, and mint oils will react on
plastic and rubber, causing damage to your carpets, fabrics
and flooring and are highly flammable and toxic.)

We guarantee its effectiveness or your money back.

Please Note The Following USE Instructions.

BIOZYME is simple to use. Please note these important points
when using BIOZYME so that you may enjoy the full benefits
of it's effectiveness.

Do not dilute BIOZYME.

Do NOT clean the organic stain with detergent or solvent-
based cleaner
(i.e. Carpet cleaner, bleach, alcohol, pine-
cleaner, most other pet-odor cleaning products, etc). Other
cleaning solutions will destroy the effectiveness of the
enzymes in BIOZYME.

If other cleaning products have been used: Rinse the area
thoroughly with plain water until all cleaning product residue
is removed BEFORE applying BIOZYME.

Odor Control: Remove any excess poop, urine, etc. by
blotting with absorbent paper towels. Saturate the area with
BIOZYME and allow to dry naturally. Repeat if necessary.

Laundry: Apply to stain until wet. Let soak for AT LEAST
30 minutes, then launder as usual. For heavy duty stains, pre-
soak for a longer period of time in order to let enzymes work.

URINE: BIOZYME must come into contact with odor
causing UREA. If you are unsure about the location of the
UREA, use a black light to illuminate the entire saturation of
the stain. Often, it has leaked into areas of which you were

NOTE: The acids and proteins contained in blood, urine,
vomit and poop may effect the dye in your carpet and
upholstery. BIOZYME will not repair or restore the color and
you may be left with a light cream area where BIOZYME has
removed the source of the stain and odor.

Water, enzymes, surfactant, odor-neutralizing fragrance.
Biozyme Details
use in the case that the surface would be damaged by contact with plain
water. Always test for colorfastness on a clean, small, area, and examine
when dry. If color or texture is affected, do not use.
Customer Comments:


I should have ordered a
tank truck full and a fire
One of our three dogs
has a weak bladder. He's
Part Corgi...I had no
idea that some dogs are
more "weak-bladdered"
than others, so, needless
to say, I have more
"spots" in my house than
most people.

And finally, you all have
a product that takes care
of it!! The dog odor
disappears in minutes.
And once it dries, the
stain is gone too.

"Thank you" just doesn't
say it all, but it's the best
I can do.


Molly S.

Customer Comments:

The only product out
there that actually gets
rid of pet odors
completely. My home
will never be without

Kayleen S.

Customer Comments

Biozyme is the best pet
ever hit the planet.

I have  a king size
$1000 high density
foam to mattress that,
according to the
manufacturer, is not to
have any liquid on it. I
have found that this is
not applicable to
Biozyme!  For various
reasons, on several
occasions my cat and
dog circus I (Barnum
and Bailey!) has
urinated on this
mattress. Each time, I
simply spray and pour
Biozyme over the same
place the urine
originated, so it takes
the same path. This
stuff EATS the  
urine…simply amazing.

I watch the stain spread
in a circular motion
and I just – keep
chasing it spraying
Biozyme until it all
– it flat out GOES
AWAY!  Incredible.  
Years later, nobody
would very even know
this mattress has had
puddles of urine in it at

I recommend every pet
owner keeps at least   
a gallon of Biozyme
on hand at all times for
unexpected accidents.  

Marlee W.
dog lover/owner,
Cave Creek, AZ.
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Customer Comments:

Just recently I've
adopted a 5 month old
lab, and I'm working
full time. Accidents
happen, I tried the
product. And the results
were amazing, I
strongly recommend
Biozyme, not only to
Pet owners but to
everyone, it works, for
me it became a must
have cleaner.

Dean N.

(Frequently asked questions)

I have old stains, will
BIOZYME still work?

YES! It is important to
saturate the organic
stain/odor area completely.  
Treat initially then allow to
dry.  If the odor remains
repeat the process until it is
gone.  Extremely stubborn
odors respond better to
repeated applications.  This
is simple with BIOZYME's
Easy application process.

Important:  It is critical that if
you have tried other products
before BIOZYME  that you
RINSE them from the surface
completely with water.  
Detergents will KILL the
enzymes in BIOZYME and it
will not be as effective.

My dog returns to the same
area in my home to
eliminate... why?

Just as people have a
designated bathroom, so do
pets.  The determination that
they use is an area that has
been used for this before.  
This is their natural
behavior.  It is nearly
impossible to train them to
not eliminate in an area that
still has remaining pet odors
in it.  You must ELIMINATE

Is BIOZYME harmful to the

No!  We use all natural,
super-effective enzymes that
are specially cultured for the
purpose of organic odor
removal.  BIOZYME is
earth-friendly and harmless
to the environment.  You can
safely use it around your pets
and children without fear of
harmful or toxic residues.

BIOZYME does not mask
odors, it CONSUMES the
Urea that causes them thus
eliminating the odor.  
Applying BIOZYME directly to
porous surfaces like
concrete releases millions of
hungry enzymes to feed on
the odor causing proteins
that ordinary cleaners leave
behind.  (BIOZYME literally
removes the urine through a
natural process leaving
nothing behind.

My cat's litterbox REEKS!  I
have cleaned it repeatedly
and cannot get the smell
out.  Will BIOZYME help?

YES!  Plastic is also a
porous surface.  Simply
clean the surface soil off of
the plastic then spray with
BIOZYME and allow to dry.  
Repeat if needed.  You'll be

My male cat has sprayed
my new sofa and some of
my baby's things.  Is
BIOZYME strong enough to
take care of this odor
without harming my sofa or
my baby?

BIOZYME is commercial
strength and is used by the
largest corporations to
handle heavy duty enzyme
treatment.  Yet, it is gentle
and safe to use around your
pets and family.

What if BIOZYME doesn't
work for me?

You simply return it for a
no-questions-asked refund.  
If it doesn't work for you, we
will cheerfully and promptly
refund your money.  

Customer Comments

I'll have to admit I was
sceptical when I
ordered my first bottle
All I can say is, it
really works! Every pet
owner should keep a
bottle of BIOZYME on
hand for those days
when your pet has an
accident. Thank you for
keeping my family of 2
dogs and 3 cats safe
and healthy with your

The Arnold's

Customer Comments:

I have purchased
Biozyme from this
vendor many times.

The vendor is
wonderful and the
product is fantastic. It
is cheaper than
Urine-Off and works
much better. Every pet
owner should keep a
bottle of this around
for the occasional
accident. It can get out
any urine stain,
including the smell!

My carpet cleaner even
says its better than the
commercial product he
uses and now purchases

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Customer Comments:

I purchased Biozyme
deodorizer from this
merchant, and it is by
far the best thing I
have found to
eliminate the smell of
cat urine when one of
our cats decide to
'think outside the box'
They are always fast to
ship and have great

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