True Grit Powdered Hand Soap
True GritTM
Biozyme Details

Our True Grit combines a fine grade of borax, a crushed treated
perlite, mixed with two organic soaps.

First, a coconut based liquid infused into the perlite and
second, an organic soap powder blended into the mix.

We also have a 1 gallon refill size that comes in a recyclable

True Grit will not clump, separate or spoil.

Other items to clean with True Grit:

  • Tennis shoes and golf equipment

  • Coffee pots and mugs: use a soft sponge to get out that oil
    stain/build up

  • Porcelain sinks and tubs without scratching or leaving a
    gritty residue

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Steel sinks
Earth Friendly - User Friendly
The first major improvement in powdered
hand soap in 100 years!!!
True Grit Powdered Hand Cleaner 32oz Shaker
True Grit Powdered Hand Soap Gallon Refill
FREE 32 oz shaker bottle included
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Return Policy

Try a bottle of True Grit risk free! If you're not completely amazed
at its effectiveness, please return the unused portion in it's
original container to us (freight pre-paid) with your sales receipt
within 30 days and we'll cheerfully refund the purchase price
less actual shipping cost.

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