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About Given Up...
"I had tried every product my  mega-pet store had to offer.  They all
promised results.  NONE delivered.  I had given up hoping that I could
remove the odor of my dog from my home.  I learned that my work uses
an industrial product to deodorize the upholstery of car interiors, and I
knew it to be very effective.  When I asked about what it was they told
me it was BIOZYME.  They let me use some of it to try it.  I was
STUNNED.  IT WORKED!  Now I use it for all of my household odors!  
Thank you!!!!"

J. Wellman

My Elderly Cat Was Ruining My Home...
"My cat is 14 years old.  I love her dearly and want to take care of her
after so many years of love she has given me.  One issue that has
gotten worse and worse is her inability to keep herself (and my home!)
as clean as she used to.  The expense of trying to keep the odor out of
our home was getting to be out of control.  A friend raved about
BIOZYME, and so I ordered some. At first, the low price caused me to
feel skeptical... but it worked beautifully!  As an added bonus, I don't
have to worry about harmful chemicals making my cat ill.  It's an
awesome product..."

B. Sykes

Fishing Is Great, DESTROYS Coolers!
"I fish a lot.  Luckily, I catch a lot too!  No complaints there, but the fish
odor in my cooler and in my boat sometimes gets to be a little much.  
It's difficult to clean, nothing seems to totally get the odor out of my
cooler or my gear.  Not until I tried BIOZYME.  I simply spray it on the
surface and let it dry.  The odor leaves completely.  Amazing product.  I
like that it is not poisonous to me or the environment..."

J. Stiles

Carpet Odors Are GONE!
"If you have pets or children, then carpet stains are always a losing
battle.  My kids spill things like milk, which saturates not just the carpet,
but the pad and flooring underneath and then sours and smells
TERRIBLE.  Same goes for dog and cat urine.  You cannot just blot up
or even shampoo liquids all the way down to the sub-floor.  I tried
BIOZYME.  Not only did it reach down to the same level that the spill did,
but it quickly devoured the odor.  I am a completely satisfied customer.  
I cannot get over how inexpensive it is!"

M. Stone

Baby Formula Spills In Car Seats
"I have a 6 month old daughter.  Her car seat has become a source of
stress for us, because it smells terrible.  We try to clean formula odors
out of it, but you just can't get out all the odor.  It's very icky.  My mom
recommended I BIOZYME, she uses it for cat urine odor on her
furniture and goes on and on about it.  I simply soaked the area of the
car seat where the stains occur over and over again.  After several
hours of drying time, I was completely amazed, the odor was gone!  
Even when I put my face close to the seat, NO SMELL!  WONDERFUL!!  
Thanks for a great product!!"

A. Miller

Animal Shelters Need A Special Deodorizer!
"I help manage an animal shelter.  With so many lives (animals &
people!) passing through our facility, taking care of odors while not
making anybody ill is a top priority.  There hasn't really been an answer
for that need until now.  We have been using BIOZYME for about 9
months now and are thrilled with it.  It is able to permeate concrete and
get right down to the source of the odor and eliminate it totally.  We love

L. Meyer

Shoe Odor Is Not A Problem Any More!
"I am a very active runner.  My wife would not allow my running shoes in
the house, they smelled so bad.  I tried washing them, bleaching them,
shoe deodorizer sprays... everything.  Nothing worked.  That terrible
smell always seeped back out again.  My buddy told me about what he
uses and said I would not believe it.  I learned about how shoe odor is
caused by protein and it's the most offensive type of odor.  I bought a
small bottle and poured some in each shoe and let them dry.  To my
great surprise!  They were much better!  I treated them twice because
they were so polluted.  After the second application, NO ODOR AT ALL.  
Wow.  Now I treat them every week or so, just once, and I have the
freshest shoes in the house!"

N. Crandall

Diaper Pail Woes
"I owe my sanity to BIOZYME!  We take great pride in not filling the
landfills with diapers by using cloth diapers.  But I have to admit, that
the diaper pail was becoming a prominent problem in our house.  My
neighbor suggested I try enzymes.  I shopped around and tried a few
things I found at the store.  They seemed weak and ineffective.  I did
some internet research and learned that not all enzymes are alike.  
BIOZYME was clearly an industrial-strength product, used in
commercial settings.  I gave it a try.  I am so glad I did!  The diaper pail
is no longer an issue, and I use it all over the house for all kinds of
odors!  It's wonderful!"

H. Massey

T-shirt Underarms Were Driving Me Crazy!
"My husband's work clothes - well, they STINK after a long day.  My
laundry detergent is not effective in getting out odors in the underarms
of his undergarments.  I began pre-treating them Biozyme a few hours
before washing them.  I am so happy with the results. Terrific!"

M. Moore

Cat Spray On Furniture
"I have finally found something that gets that terrible male cat urine
odor out of my furniture and carpets.  The products in the pet store
aren't nearly as effective.  BIOZYME is also a lot less expensive, and
that makes me happy!"

S. Hunt


Received the Biozyme cleaner and must say I am impressed. Its the
first cleaning solution that really seems to work and get rid of cat urine
odor. The gallon was shipped promptly, sooner than expected, and
received and answer to my inquiry within 24 hours. I will definitely do
business with cleaners-r-us again.

Providing quality products for our customers
that really work.
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